Get Smart! 5 Reasons to Install Smart Locks on Your Commercial Doors

Break-ins are a common occurrence in the commercial sector. This means businesses are constantly looking for better ways of restricting illegal entry into their establishments. With the arrival of smart locking solutions, many businesses are ditching the traditional locks. This is because these locking systems overcome most of the disadvantages associated with the traditional key-based locking system. If you're contemplating installing smart locks on your commercial doors, you should first find out why they should be part of your commercial security system. [Read More]

Three Crucial Tips for Checking a Used Safe Before Purchase

If you are interested in buying a safe to store your important documents, firearms or valuables in, you might want to purchase a new, modern safe. Many people prefer new safes because they are in perfect, factory condition, and they often have advanced security features. However, if you have a limited budget for buying a safe, you can choose a second-hand safe. Typically, used safes are well preserved and have good security features for most home applications. [Read More]

Advice to Help Avoid Locksmith Con Artists

In spite the fact that there are many reliable locksmith companies and 24 hour locksmiths on the market, scammers do exist, as is the case with any other profession. Conniving people can damage locks, charge in inflated prices, and even give critical security details about clients' property to thieves and burglars. But armed with the right knowledge, you can avoid falling prey to such scammers. Here are a couple of things you should watch out for to avoid locksmith cheats. [Read More]

Non-Key Services Provided By a Locksmith

You're probably aware that a locksmith can help you in a lockout situation, when you lose your keys or when you need keys duplicated. But you may not know that locksmiths don't just provide key services, but have other specialties, which are described below to broaden your knowledge about these professionals: Electronic Access Control System -- Locksmiths can install access control systems for your business. This type of system is typically set up with either a digital pad that requires an access code, or a card reader system that works similar to a barcode at a supermarket. [Read More]