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How to Incorporate Technology into Your Locksmith Practice

One profession that never lacks job opportunities is that of a locksmith. This is thanks to the increased rate of crime that keeps home owners on the search for tamper-free lock systems. The fact that ordinary locks are easily picked by burglars with the use of simple items such as bobby pins or master keys necessitates a shift to more complicated locks within households.

There are many advanced lock systems used by facilities such as government agencies and hospitals, but there is no limitation for where the advanced locks can be used. As a locksmith, all you need is an understanding of how to install the following advanced lock systems to boost the efficacy of your lock systems.

Key cards

These work like smart cards using magnetic or electronic strip technology. They are widely used in hotel rooms, but you can also adapt the technology for homeowner clients. The key card is simply a card that serves as an alternative to the traditional key. The card is swiped over an automated sensor that analyzes digital codes within the magnetic or electronic strips and undoes the door lock if the information is correct.

Voice recognition

This technology works in two ways: either by identifying a speaker's voice or identifying what the speaker says. In the former, a voice recognition lock only disengages when it recognizes the authorized individual's voice using biometrics analysis such as vocal range, pitch and pronunciation.

In the latter the voice recognition lock only disengages when a particular password is fed to it orally. This is yet another exciting technology that a locksmith can incorporate into their lock services for increased home security.

Iris scanning

This is another interesting biometric application that analyzes the inner eye of an individual seeking entry into premises. The individual places their eye close to the lock that has a camera within.

The camera uses methods such as infrared technology to identify patterns within the iris and compare them to the patterns that have been set as acceptable. If the patterns match, then entry is granted. Iris scanning can be substituted or complemented with facial recognition locks which analyze facial features before allowing or denying entry.

In a highly competitive job market, one has to strive to make their services as unique as possible. Fortunately, for locksmiths, all the above lock technology is available for adaptation into home lock systems. Not many homeowners have installed such complex systems so you can take advantage of this fact and become a trendsetter. Talk to resources like Gold Class Locksmiths for more information.