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Five High-Tech Locks Every Homeowner Needs To Know About

High tech locks are no longer the sole purview of banks and secure military facilities. Now, new advances in technology are bringing even the most complicated locking systems to homes. If you are a homeowner interested in high tech locks, here are five novel locking ideas you need to hear about:

1. Facial recognition lock

Facial recognition software is becoming more useful everyday. Many people are using it to secure their smartphones, and others are using it to secure their front doors. With a facial recognition lock, you don't have to worry about keeping track of keys or codes, you just have to show your face and the lock will open.

Want to program in your family's faces, the face of your best friend and a few others? No, problem. Some facial recognition locks can be trained to recognise up to 500 faces.

2. Fingerprint locks

Don't want to smile for the camera? Then, how about providing a fingerprint instead. Static biometric technology allows lock makers to easily create locks that respond to fingerprints. However, if you need to let in a repair person, a dog walker or a neighbour, you don't have to program their fingerprints into the system, you can just lend them a spare key as even biometric locks have mechanical locking elements.

3. Verbal command locks

Instead of biometrics, consider a door that opens when you tell it to open. Recently, a young techie invented a voice activated lock. Connected via software to an app on your smartphone, these locks open as soon as you say "open sesame" into the lock. You can also program these locks to react to different verbal commands or even knocks.

4. Secret knock locks

As voice command locks have been further developed, they have been modified to respond to sounds at the door rather than only to sounds spoken into a smartphone. Now, you can even install a seemingly magical lock that responds to lots of sounds including certain knock patterns. Program your lock, give your friends the secret knock and enjoy.

5. Keyless timer locks

Tired of keys but not ready to foray into biometric or secret knock locks? Then consider a keyless timer lock. Often used for apartment complexes, these locks can also be put on private homes. They open when you punch in a code, but they also connect to software, and you can program them to open as needed, regardless of your location.

Contact a locksmith business, such as Night & Day Locksmiths, today to see which type of high tech lock is right for your home.