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Lost Your Keys Again? How to Make Sure You Don't Do It Again in the Future

You can't believe it, but you've lost your keys again. You can't remember where you left them and now you have to call a locksmith (such as Frost Security Locksmiths). Why does this keep happening and what can you do to make sure it doesn't happen again?

Why You Forget Things

Did you know that the unconscious mind processes around 14 million bits of data every second? Imagine what would happen if all of that data was sent through to your conscious mind, so that you had to deal with it in real time. In order to allow you to function, your brain's management system only allows you to focus on specific issues and it is programmed to eliminate the vast majority. Unfortunately, this means that unless you train your brain to remember some of the important things, you will simply forget. This is what happens when you can't find your keys.

In order to "override" your brain filter, you need to go through a specific process.

Get Organised First

Firstly, you need to make sure that your surroundings are properly organised. This includes not only your home, but your workspace and your car. Set specific locations where all the items you're likely to lose should be placed when you're not using them. This will include specific metal hooks to hang your keys, drawers for items such as sunglasses or wallet. Get into the habit of always placing these items there, come what may.

The Seven Second Rule

Focus for at least seven seconds on something that you want to remember. Usually, the human being will devote only a fleeting second to this task, but you should consciously focus for this longer period.

Use Your Senses

During this time, you need to train your brain by giving it as many "hooks" in order to memorise specific actions, as you can. It's best to use as many of your senses as you can when you do this exercise. For example, you should "visualise" your keys, while you are placing them. You should "listen" as you tell yourself (out loud) where you are placing the keys. You should "feel" the keys as you place them safely.

Don't Take Shortcuts

Remember, don't cheat. You need to take the full seven seconds in order to properly programme your brain to help you. This time investment will be well worthwhile when you consider how many minutes, or even hours you might waste the next time that you lose those keys again.