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4 Supplies Every University Student Should Buy When Packing

When you begin to pack and store your items for the university holidays, you may just think of buying some boxes and packing tape. The truth is, if you visit a store to buy boxes, you may also see some other packing and storage items. Though you may want to look over these items, there are a few that you really should take the time to consider.

Moving Packs

One of the first things you may notice are moving packs. These packs go a step beyond buying boxes and offer you other items you need like packing tape and bubble wrap. The ideal thing about using a moving pack is that you can generally end up with all you need in just a few packs and overlook the need for multiple trips or running out of something midway through the packing job.

Specialty Boxes

Make sure to consider specialty boxes as a supply. These may seem like ordinary boxes or you may think an ordinary box will do. The truth is, boxes specifically designed for bikes or televisions do have extras that make them better suited for this type of packing job. These boxes have built in padding to prevent damage to computer items, books, and other items that you may be storing. Some boxes designed for books also keep your books separated to avoid mould or mildew during storage.

Plastic Covers

If you have a climate controlled storage option, then you may want to consider purchasing plastic covers when you buy boxes. The reason is to help keep dust from settling on objects and to pack odd items like futons or chairs. These covers can be used in non-climate controlled units, but you will need to use something to cut down on humidity so you don't damage the furniture from the heat trapped between the cover and the item.

Shrink Wrap

When you buy boxes to move, you may not think of shrink wrap, but the truth is it can be an ideal supply. If you items like jewelry boxes, loosely binned items, or furniture pieces that you don't want to loose then shrink wrap can help. You can also use it to connect boxes together and keep them stacked or from being moved in storage.

These are just four supplies every university student should buy when packing. If you have a specific moving need or storage need, like supplies for your university major, then ask box and packing supply stores like Store-It-Safe for suggestions on the best items for your needs.