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Commercial CCTV System Installation: Hire Professionals To Avoid These DIY Mistakes

Safety is a top concern for every business owner. For this reason, more businesses have embraced the idea of CCTV installation. These cameras are very efficient in preventing crime. However, for the system to keep your business safe, it requires proper installation and maintenance. Besides that, you need to get a suitable surveillance system for your premises. Ensure it is correctly integrated into your other business systems for reliable and timely feeds.

However, if you do not seek professional help from a security expert, you will likely make mistakes in the installation process. Some of these errors are explained below:

Failing to Analyse the Environmental Conditions

The area of installation significantly determines your choice of camera. So, it is vital to determine the location before purchasing the devices. Identify spots that offer maximum visibility and have the least obstruction from trees or poles. It is also important to note that you need enough ambient lighting to get good footage. For that reason, you should avoid locations that receive the sun's glare. One great location to install CCTV cameras is under the roof with the lens facing down. In this position, the camera is not in direct contact with sunlight, and you can easily find an angle that avoids distortion. 

Failing to Understand the Technology Used

Technology is quickly taking over most systems today, and the security sector is no exception. When installing CCTV cameras in your business, consider IP technology. However, different companies have varying security needs, and an analogue camera may work better for some businesses than advanced ones. Therefore, you should not invest in a security camera without understanding the type of technology that will work best in your commercial building. Otherwise, you will end up with an inefficient system. 

Installing the Camera Too High

Many people assume that installing a security camera at the highest point of the building gives the best coverage. Though it may cover a wide area, the quality of the videos recorded might not provide you with clear images. Essentially, you should find the position that offers the best footage then balance that with the number of cameras installed if you wish to cover every spot.

Installing a commercial CCTV system is not as easy as it sounds and requires proper skills and tools. So, it is important to hire a security expert to help you put up the system on your premises. Otherwise, you will likely make the mistakes listed above, which can be quite costly. To learn more, contact a CCTV installation service.