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Do You Repair or Replace Your Locks After A Break-In?

Ideally, you should replace your locks after a break-in or break-in attempt. When you are running a business, security is necessary to thrive—everyone who visits your business, including you, your employees, and your clients, needs to feel secure. 

Here is a breakdown of how to deal with a break-in. 

Contact the Police

Before anything else, contact local police for a detailed inspection and investigation. Police investigations may take time, but it's worth the hassle and wait. Don't overlook this part in a bid to reduce time wastage. You will need the police report for insurance claims.

Contact the Commercial Locksmith 

Once the police are done with their investigations, contact local commercial locksmiths and ask for quotes. With quotes in hand, select a commercial locksmith and begin working on repairs.

Repair or Replace the Locks

If you have had a break-in, replace the locks and improve other security measures. Don't repair the locks because the thief will likely try again. Also, if the thief stole keys and duplicated them, they will still have access to your business. 

There is no definitive way to confirm whether the thief has duplicate or master keys. However, commercial locksmiths can replace the locks and make the thieves' jobs harder. If they have duplicate keys, they can't use them on your new locks. 

Repair or Replace the Door

Were the doors damaged during the break-in? If yes, how extensive was the damage? Does your door exhibit signs of warping, alignment issues, or bent frames? Your local commercial locksmith can repair these problems with ease. 

Typically, these issues may not be seen as a security threat but can affect operations. Simple repairs will have your doors functioning as good as new. 

However, if the break-in damage was too extensive, or it created weak points in your security, consider replacing the door. In some cases, repairing and restoring the door's full functionality may cost more than a replacement. 

Add Other Forms of Security 

The doors and locks are only part of security measures. Once you have had your locks and doors fixed, consult the commercial locksmith about other forms of security. Your business doesn't have to rely solely on steel doors when you can add CCTVs, access control systems, or security cameras.

Thanks to technology, you can monitor your business premises while at home or on a business trip via your smartphone. Discuss these details with your local locksmiths to figure out other forms of security that can improve your business security.