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4 Quick Steps To Undertake If Your House Is Burgled

Data from 2012-2013 indicates that nearly 2.7% of 8.9 million Australian households went through at least one unlawful home entry. While improbable, chances are you could be one of the unlucky homeowners whose house has been burgled. The burglary can be extremely traumatising, but some immediate steps will help you avoid becoming a victim again—you'll need to find locksmiths to change your locks and security systems and you'll need to record your statement with the cops. Here are 4 quick steps for you to undertake if your house has been burgled.

Leave The House and Call the Cops

While most smart burglars will make a quick run for it the moment they hear you, some may hide in your home to avoid getting caught, posing a serious threat to you and your family.  If you think your house has been burglarised, the first thing you do is get out and call the cops. You don't need to confirm what has been stolen—just report the theft and wait for the cops to arrive.

Leave Everything Untouched

Most burglars have gloves on, but some novices make rookie mistakes. Resist touching anything inside your home and wait for the professionals to arrive. Fingerprints are possibly evident on many items in your home, so keep leave everything untouched.

Call The Locksmith

Now that you've got the cops to come over, it's time to start thinking of all the locks that could have been picked in your home. Get in touch with local locksmiths (such as Lockstar Locksmiths) and get them to come to your home immediately. Depending on the time of day, you may have to engage the services of emergency locksmiths for immediate service. It may cost you a little more, but it's nothing in comparison to the peace of mind you'll get knowing your old locks have been replaced. Locksmiths during regular working hours will charge $80 per hour on an average, while emergency locksmiths may charge between $80 and $120.

Re-look At Your Home's Security System

Now that you've got home of the locksmith, you should check with him whether your home's security system is adequate or needs to be upgraded. Most locksmiths are well versed with security systems and would be able to hook you up with more sophisticated equipment for better security. Consider installing motion detectors and timer-activated lights to secure your home from burglaries.

While nothing will completely guarantee your home is safe from a burglary, these immediate steps of calling the cops and locksmiths will certainly help reduce the chances of it occurring once again.