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Why Call A Locksmith After A Break-In?

If your home has been broken into, you may assume it's too late to call a locksmith or that the damage has been done to your home. In truth, it's actually good to call such a professional even if thieves forced their way in and didn't break any locks. Note why that is and how such a professional can make you and your home more secure.

1. Your locks should be changed anyway

When a thief enters your home, even if they broke in through a window, they may take a spare set of house keys while inside. If they broke in using your keys, then this is all the more reason to have your locks changed immediately. It's a mistake to think that once a thief is gone that they're never coming back. If they know your schedule or your home's vulnerable points, they may come back for items they couldn't carry the first time or may return after they know you've replaced the items they've already stolen.

2. Additional locks and upgraded locks can be installed

A locksmith may note vulnerable areas of your home and also suggest how additional locks and upgraded locks can be installed on doors and windows to keep you more secure. For example, if a thief forced open a window, you may need deadbolts on your windows so they can't be wedged open so easily. The manufacturer's lock may not be strong enough to stop this from happening.

If someone kicked open your front door, your deadbolt may be old and thin, and a new, heavy-duty deadbolt might be a good option. For broken windows, security bars might need to be installed. A locksmith can suggest these upgrades and have them installed in that same visit or as soon as it's convenient and affordable for you.

Along with upgraded locks, a locksmith can offer more security features that make your home safer. These might include security cameras that allow you to watch your home through a computer or even your smartphone. A digital lock that works with a key and with a code you need to enter can also make doors more secure against someone using a house key to get in. A locksmith can also install a safe in your home so your valuables are more secure. A small safe installed in a floor or wall can keep paperwork, cash, and jewelry less vulnerable against any future break-ins.

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