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Tips To Remember As You Open Your Car Using A Slim Jim

A Slim Jim (a thin piece of steel that has a notch at its end) is one of the tools that mobile locksmiths use to open car doors when the owner loses their keys or inadvertently locks the car keys inside the car. Any car owner can also use this tool in case they get locked out of the car. For this endeavor to be successful, several tips must be kept in mind. This article discusses some of those tips.

Avoid Trying To Open The Driver's Door

Many car owners try to open the driver's door using a Slim Jim and they end up causing much more damage than they had thought possible. This is because the Slim Jim can interfere with the electrical systems that run through the driver's door. The Slim Jim punctures their insulation as you try to force the door open. It is therefore advisable that any attempt to open a car door is done via the passenger door since this side of the car has fewer delicate electrical systems that can be compromised.

Have A Set Of Slim Jims

Different car models have different lock designs. Consequently, a Slim Jim that can open the door of one car may be inadequate to open another car. You should have a set of Slim Jims so that you try a different one each time the one you have just attempted to use does not yield the desired outcome of opening the lock on the door. You can tell that the one you are using will not work if you move it within the door for several minutes to no avail.

Be Gentle When Moving the Slim Jim

Mobile locksmiths advise that one must exercise a lot of patience when moving a Slim Jim in a car lock. This is because any forceful movement of this tool can easily dislodge the lock rod from its mechanism with the result that the lock will have to be taken apart in order to reassemble it. This would prolong the lock opening exercise and yet if one had been gentle then they would have gained access to their car in a few minutes.

Using a Slim Jim effectively requires skill and practice. It is therefore better for you to call a mobile locksmith like BCD Alarms & Locks to help you out if you feel you are ill-equipped to use this tool to open the car lock. In this way, you will avoid unwarranted damage to your car, and the expenses or inconveniences that go with such damage.