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Three Simple Door Upgrades to Give Your Home Lasting Curb Appeal

Your yard can look amazing, but if people glance at your doors and they look shabby it can ruin your homes curb appeal. In order to fix this issues, some homeowners decide to change the entire doorway by adding arches and new doors to update the look. This can work, but it can also become costly if construction is involved. Before you decide to remodel your entire entryway, consider these three simple door upgrades to give your home lasting curb appeal.

Replace Hardware

One of the easiest steps you can take to upgrade your door and give it last curb appeal is to replace the hardware. Sometimes the door looks amazing, but the hardware is ruining it because it is dull or even rusted. If you choose to replace the hardware, consider buying door handles and locks that repel rust and corrosion. For example, instead of a brass handle and lock choose matte black door handles. These give a classic and simple look without drawing too much attention.

Add Features

You can also add some key features to your door to upgrade it. One of these features is a kick plate. This can be silver, matte, or brass and will attach directly to the bottom of the door. This will benefit you in two ways. The first is that it will cut down on scuffing and damage to the finish of the door that your feet can cause when you push the door open or when your shoes come in contact with the bottom of the door. The second is that it provides a professional and clean look to your door. Other features you can add to your door are mail slots and door knockers.

Repaint and Refinish

Repainting and refinishing the door can upgrade the look considerably. For example, if your door is a bright colour that colour can fade overtime causing the door to look shabby. A natural colour, like pine or oak, can add to the natural beauty of the home and can show less fading over time. Refinishing the door and sealing it against weather and water damage can also ensure the door retains its upgraded beauty for longer.

These are just three of the ways you can use to upgrade your door and give it lasting curb appeal. If you are concerned about what hardware to choose, features to choose, or the type of paint that should be used on your day then visit a remodeling contractor, locksmith (such as The Lock and Handle) or home improvement representative for more ideas.