Locks, Keys and Safes to Protect Firearms

Non-Key Services Provided By a Locksmith

You're probably aware that a locksmith can help you in a lockout situation, when you lose your keys or when you need keys duplicated. But you may not know that locksmiths don't just provide key services, but have other specialties, which are described below to broaden your knowledge about these professionals:

Electronic Access Control System -- Locksmiths can install access control systems for your business. This type of system is typically set up with either a digital pad that requires an access code, or a card reader system that works similar to a barcode at a supermarket.

When a locksmith installs this system, it enables you to know exactly who passed through you door, when that person passed through and how often the person entered your premises. Locksmiths can also install biometric access control systems that analyze fingerprints before granting access to a facility. These types of systems are common on military bases, government offices that deal with sensitive data and high-end financial institutions.

Safe Services -- Locksmiths also sell and service all types of safes, from home safes used to store guns, to large safes for commercial use. Most safes feature double-welded steel doors, but styles differ based on your needs. Locksmiths can install key safes, combination safes or biometric safes. Key safes only require a key for access, and are typically the least secure safes you can buy.

Combination safes require that you enter the correct combination to gain access and a rung up from a key safe. Biometric safes are accessible by fingerprint, and you can program multiple fingerprint signatures if you want more than one person to have access to the safe.

Locksmiths can install safes in your wall, free standing, or hidden in your flooring. Both the wall and floor options are more costly because locksmiths may have to tear them up to properly install the safe.

Ignition Repair -- When your ignition malfunctions in some way, a locksmith can diagnose the problem and make repairs. The most common ignition problems are damaged wafers, or some type of obstruction in the ignition. Wafers are grooves built on the outside of the ignition that match the grooves or cuts on your car key.

If the wafers have worn down, the ignition switch will fail and you car won't start. Locksmiths can polish the wafers or install new wafers to handle this problem. They can also take the ignition apart to see if there is an obstruction lodged inside that is preventing your car key from turning when it's inside the ignition.

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