Five High-Tech Locks Every Homeowner Needs To Know About

High tech locks are no longer the sole purview of banks and secure military facilities. Now, new advances in technology are bringing even the most complicated locking systems to homes. If you are a homeowner interested in high tech locks, here are five novel locking ideas you need to hear about: 1. Facial recognition lock Facial recognition software is becoming more useful everyday. Many people are using it to secure their smartphones, and others are using it to secure their front doors. [Read More]

Three Things You Need to Know about Biometric Locks

If you are trying to keep your home or office secure, it's important to keep abreast of what's happening in the world of crime and hacking. Recently, a hacker from Europe managed to clone the fingerprints of a German politician using only a video of the politician. This "triumph" calls into question the security of fingerprint-secured biometric locks. If you are thinking of getting one of these locks, here are three things you need to know: [Read More]

4 Quick Steps To Undertake If Your House Is Burgled

Data from 2012-2013 indicates that nearly 2.7% of 8.9 million Australian households went through at least one unlawful home entry. While improbable, chances are you could be one of the unlucky homeowners whose house has been burgled. The burglary can be extremely traumatising, but some immediate steps will help you avoid becoming a victim again—you'll need to find locksmiths to change your locks and security systems and you'll need to record your statement with the cops. [Read More]

How to Incorporate Technology into Your Locksmith Practice

One profession that never lacks job opportunities is that of a locksmith. This is thanks to the increased rate of crime that keeps home owners on the search for tamper-free lock systems. The fact that ordinary locks are easily picked by burglars with the use of simple items such as bobby pins or master keys necessitates a shift to more complicated locks within households. There are many advanced lock systems used by facilities such as government agencies and hospitals, but there is no limitation for where the advanced locks can be used. [Read More]